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At this time we are no longer able to accept additional volunteers!

Current volunteers may still login using the form located at the top right.

How our program works
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About Community Service Help

Student Community Service was designed for students that need an alternative way to complete their community service for school. Many High Schools and Colleges require students and prospective students to complete volunteer hours. Our service will work for any student anywhere in the United States and has been accepted by schools all over the county.

Traditional community service is a great way for a student to get involved with their community, however, with busy schedules it can sometimes almost be a nightmare for an already stressed out student to complete. Our program allows students to volunteer anytime while sharpening their skills by taking educational courses and college prep courses for their volunteer hours.

By offering over 2,000 educational courses, we give students the opportunity to prepare even more for a great future while also satisfying their schools requirement for community service hours.

We Will Save You Money

Driving all over the place trying to get your volunteering done can end up costing you a small fortune. Gas prices are outrageous and your time is limited. School work is probably piling up and you're trying to still fit time in for your friends and family. Student Community Service will allow you to volunteer for a federally approved 501(c)3 charity from home saving you all that time and money. See how 90 hours of community service can quickly add up into over $1,000!

No need to worry though, Student Community Service is here for you! :)

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